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Coaching Youth to step into their power and become the brilliant beings they were born to be!

Consciously Aware Youth Coaching

Empowering our youth with long term solutions and answers that will produce within them truth, knowing, and great confidence.

Children today have very unique set of experiences causing greater stress for they have not yet lived enough of their own life to know who they really are, or what they truly want, while dealing with the expectations and opinions of those around them.  In an ever changing world surrounded by others who react to life rather than respond with joy, peace and excitement, can lead to feelings of insecurity, anxiousness and worry.  It is my greatest honor to work with youth so they know for themselves their wholeness, worthiness brilliance and true power.  To become relentless in the pursuit of the greatest version of themselves.  Only then will they love and trust themselves to achieve their dreams with bravery, and self-assurance.


Coaching youth to become consciously aware of themselves, their thoughts, emotional guidance system, their perceptions,  and expectations for themselves. To align with the whole of who they are so they feel authentic, inspired, empowered, confident and happy as they move through the world. 

Services offered:


1) One-on-one coaching using spiritual principals, in-person or Skype

2) Lots of guidance, love and support during each session

3) Effective strategies to align with their true selves


4) Fun, age-appropriate processes to release fear, worry, doubt, anxiety and low self-esteem


5) Guided meditation for clarity, well-being and knowing of true self.

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