Be the brilliant beings they were born to be!

Youth Coaching

Is your child withdrawn, anxious, overwhelmed, worries  or lacks self-confidence?

Children have very unique set of experiences today causing greater stress.  They are not only trying to discover who they are, but live up to the expectations of those closest to them while navigating the fast paced world they are living, and with many more distractions.  At times, this can be very overwhelming, and the pressure too great.  It  would be my honour to work with your child to relieve stress and bring them back to who they really are.


Coaching for kids to teach them to connect with their inner power so they can move through the world with confidence, inner peace and happiness. 

Services offered:


1) One-on-one coaching using spiritual principals, in-person or Skype

2) Lots of guidance, love and support during each session

3) Effective strategies to align with their true selves


4) Fun, age-appropriate processes to release fear, worry, anxiety and low self-esteem


5) Guided meditation for peace, relaxation and restful sleep