About Tamara:

Tamara has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from York University,

and is a Certified Coach, Trainer and speaker.  As a heart-centred professional living in purpose for the past 15 years,  Tamara's 

approach is holistic with a focus on raising vibration and teaching alignment through the use of spiritual teachings and principals.  

A few words from Tamara that you'd like to know:

This is what I know for sure.  You are a soul in physical form who has come to experience joy, freedom and expansion.  To create a series of expansive life experiences for yourself that has never been lived by you before.  To revel in the richness of life so all that "is" can revel in it with you.  To align with and enhance the relationship between the physical you, and the non-physical or Source part of you as you move along your physical path.  So you can know for yourself your truth, power, worthiness, wholeness and goodness.  This is done by

tuning to, listening and following guidance from the Source within.

What makes me unique?

As your Coach, I will guide you on an incredible journey towards what you ultimately seek which is alignment, well-being or thriving.  To achieve this you are to develop a relationship with you. To truly know the divine within.  You feel called to more.  To know more and reach higher.  You desire to be and live an inspired life of freedom, joy and expansion.  You are a conscious creator who has come to live in the wholeness of who you are, and create a life truly unique to you.


If you are here, it is because you feel any of the following:  there is more to life than what you are currently living, to know who you really are, your true purpose, and calling, how to utilize your emotions  as the powerful guidance they are, to enhance some or all areas of your life, or move through life with peace, joy, fulfillment and confidence.  


I want you to know that as your Coach, I will hold space for you as you embark on this divine journey within.  You will learn to raise your vibration, connect with and understand your emotions, thoughts and beliefs and align with the divine part of you so the real YOU can shine. 

As Abraham Hicks says, "You live for the desire or the question that has no answer because the answer coming is the thrill of life. It is in the molding of the clay that is the most delicious, not in the observation or regurgitation of it."  



Connecting them to their truth and power


Strengthening relationships 



Create a fulfilling
life of passion and purpose


Conscious Leadership


What is your approach?

My approach is a holistic one in that I work with clients who are seeking to release what no longer serves them to allow for a deeper understanding of themselves, their spiritual path and their relationship with Source through spiritual teachings, tools and practices. Most of my clients are seeking to remember who they really are as conscious creators, and strengthem their connection to source and their Soul. It is my deepest desire that all my clients come to know for themselves, the truth of who they really are, their emotional guidance system, the power of vibration, and alignment with Source, to co-create a fulfilling life of great meaning and purpose in all areas of their physical experience.

Where are sessions held?

Coaching Sessions can be held in-person, by phone or by Zoom for international Clients.

What can I expect from my sessions with you?

All of my sessions are proactive in nature and filled with joy and fun while firmly rooted in solutions and answers. Clients will receive unconditional love, support and guidance, while actively working towards all goals identified by them. I also like to use analagies to ensure clarity and solid understanding when discussing spiritual teachings, practices & tools. My Coaching is unique in that I encourage Clients to go within to connect, build and strengthen their relationship with Soul and Source using different processes & tools. Our calls will unfold organically and are structured around Client's greatest intentions to which will be clearly identified the beginning of the Coaching partnership. Expect greater awareness, a growing understanding of self, clarity, a deepening sense of worthiness, and connection, a remembering of core beliefs and truest intentions for self and life, expansion, releasing of resistance, an enhancement in positive emotions and stability in alignment and well-being. As you move through this co-creative journey with myself, your Soul and Source, life will get better and better. I stand with my clients rooting for all that they desire knowing with great certainty everything desired will come. I am fully committed to go all in with my clients to assist them in mastering what they want to master, and allow the expansion to express itself. With fine tuning, all clients I work with achieve what they most desire for themselves and their lives.

How can I pay for sessions?

A variety of packages are available to choose from and can pay either by cash, cheque, e-transfer or international bank transfer for those outside of Canada.

What type of individuals do you usually work with?

Do you feel like life is meant to be more meaningful? Are you called to become a conscious leader, parent, parnter, or human being overall? Feeling called to greater balance and peace, or to live a more fulffiling life? I can certainly help. I attract conscious creators who have a strong desire to know Self, Source, their truth, purpose, and are committed to their journey within. If this is you...amazing! I can't wait to get started! This is going to be the most extraordinatory voyage of your physical life experience.