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Jared and the Sacred Emerald is a fun, light-hearted book which teaches children how to connect with themselves, their truth, learn to love and trust their inner guidance, and ultimately, their journey. 


Follow Jared on his magical adventure filled with curiosity and wonder that will have you on the edge of your seats! Jared and his special friends embark on the quest of a lifetime leading to something far more meaningful than anyone could have ever imagined!  Purchase a copy today to learn more!  Free gift with every purchase.

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"My daughter and I really enjoyed this book.  It fueled the magic in my daughter's imagination by taking us on a wonderful journey to the most precious gem of all...herself! The story teaches kids to be strong, believe in themselves and conquer their fears - all valuable lessons in early life. The pictures paired nicely with each page and had my daughter asking lots of questions.  My daughter keeps referencing her gem and we look forward to reading it again and again.


    Courtney Morales, Mississauga, CA

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Jared Creativity Gift Box

Jared Creativity Set.jpg

This gift box was lovingly designed to spark curiosity, imagination and creativity in kids. as they learn through Jared, how to love, trust and believe in themselves, and their own journey. Inside this Box includes a copyof Jared and the sacred Emerald, two colouring pages taken from the book, four lined pages with characters, pencils and pencil sharpener so kids can write their own story, crayons, markers, and pencil crayons to draw and colour own illustrations, and a one-page list of Positive Affirmations to remind.  This gift box makes a wonderful birthday, or Christmas gift. 

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Your Kids Will Love This Meditation!

Daily meditation eliminates nervousness, stress, anxiety, and worry in children while enhancing well-being, joy, inner peace and confidence.  Listen to this relaxing meditation with your little one each night before they go to bed, and watch the magic unfold...

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