Is your family busy, stressed and not as connected as you would like?


Living today’s fast-paced life-style can have negative impacts on relationships, especially those closest to you like your spouse and child(ren).  Are you seeking to create balance by way of quality time, loving communication, and deeply connected relationships?


Coaching families to promote open, loving communication, trust and unconditional love for self and members.  To truly show up, be present and allow each other space to be themselves fully, completely and without conditions.

Services Offered:


1) One-on-one, individual coaching using spiritual principals.


2) Effective strategies for alignment.

3) Couples coaching on relationship, sex, stress management, parenting.


4) Spiritual tools to release fear, worry, resistance and stress.


5) Individual, couple or family meditation available to restore presence, balance and harmony within self, and family.


Quote from my new book:
"It is what you believe that will determine your enjoyment on this journey".
- Jared and the Sacred Emerald

Tel: 416-904-9712


We can connect via Skype, Telephone, or in person for 1 on 1 sessions.

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