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Alignment 101. What Is It And How To Achieve It In 8 Easy Steps

Have you been feeling lost, alone and a deep desire for something greater? Like there is more to life than what currently exists? Want to stop the struggle and start living? I know exactly how you feel. I, too, felt like this 3 years ago. Exhausted, depressed and feeling like I was missing a key element of life. Well, I am excited to share with you that I have found it. What I discovered was myself and my alignment with Source and my Higher Self or Inner-Being. If I can do it, so can you, and it is much easier than you think.

Many of you may be wondering what Alignment is. Alignment is where what you think, feel and believe matches what Source or God and your Higher Self or Inner-Being think, feel and believe about you and the world around you. Alignment is a natural state of being, and who you, really are. It is a state where you feel peace, calm, sure, secure, grounded, happy and incredibly satisfied.

A good analogy to use here is to think of alignment as a flame that burns really big and bright. So much so that it catches your attention. This is you. Who you really are. In disconnection, the flame burns low, its dim and inconsistent. When in alignment You feel really, really good. You feel excitement, enthusiasm, at times exhilaration and energized. You will also light up and those around you will begin to notice how brightly you shine. They will most likely ask if you have done something different. They can feel it, but unsure what it is.

In disconnection, the opposite is true. If you are focused in a way that pinches you off from who you really are, you will feel negative emotion like dissatisfaction, frustration, resentment, anger and annoyance. This lowers your vibration and impacts your emotions and natural state of being.

Some of you may be asking what do you mean by Higher Self/Inner-Being? Each has within us the non-physical version of ourselves which is directly connected to Source, or God Force energy. Both are focused on us lovingly, adoringly, unconditionally, and without judgement. We are seen as worthy, whole, deserving, infinite and abundantly blessed. There is nothing to fix or change. We can be, do or have whatever we desire. Think of it as your inner best friend who is always with you cheering you on and calling you towards what you want to experience. If you quiet your mind, you will hear the voice of your Soul talking to you, guiding you every step of the way. It is also the most powerful guidance system you have and will never steer you wrong. You simply must listen and follow what you are being called towards. There is nothing to fear.

"Your work is to tend to your own energy, and when you do, your world will come into perfect alignment." - Abraham Hicks

Your next question may be, how then does someone get into alignment? I have eight very simple tools and tricks that I use to get into alignment, and know if you do this consistently, you will feel incredible more of the time.

1. Relax: Believe it or not, we take life way too serious. Life is meant to be enjoyed and so we need to do things that feel good throughout our day and not once in a while. For example, go for walks, listen to relaxing music, yoga, bubble baths, tea by the fireplace. Do what feels incredible to you all day long.

2. Quiet Reflection: Allow moments of peace and quiet so as to drown out the noise of life and hear your inner guidance. Intentionally quieting the mind will also relieve the mind chatter which can be a large distraction. Meditation is great for this.

3. When you feel negative emotions, take your focus off of what it is your thinking about for the time being and focus on other things that feel good to you. i.e. your pet, last vacation, previous successes etc.

4. Let go of Negativity: Let go of things that prevent you from being naturally joyous like complaining, blaming, criticizing, people pleasing, justifying or explaining, worrying what other’s think, minding other people’s business, controlling others or circumstances. All of these things will prevent you from being who you really are.

5. Be intentional in your thoughts. You’re no longer letting your mind think you. You are thinking it! Focus yourself into better feeling thoughts not some of the time or mostly, but all of the time.

6. Honor your feelings: Allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions. If you are anything like I was, my default used to be anger, fear, guilt and anxiety, then happiness. The odd time, excitement. I also used to stuff my feelings and not allow myself to feel them and respond with harsh criticism for feeling them in the first place. It is important to explore all emotions, feel them fully and then let them go with love and compassion.

7. Sending Love to Circumstances and People: Send love to situations or people that are upsetting you every morning upon waking. Hate cannot exist when feeling love, which is who we are at our core which aligns you with…Source and your Soul.

8. List 10 Things You Feel Blessed About: List 10 things you feel blessed for in your life, every morning.

The benefits to getting into alignment are the following:

1. You are able to handle life as it comes from a grounded, centred, calm place. and

respond with unconditional joy and inner peace.

2. A deep knowing emanates from your being that all is well.

3. As this is a law-based universe, you will only attract people and experiences into your life that are a vibrational match. If you love what is occurring, keep going. If not, look at the thoughts your thinking, and where you are placing your focus which could be disconnecting you and lowering your vibration.

Once you experience alignment, you will feel so good, you will no longer tolerate disconnection. This is great! Why? This is not only moving you in the direction of greater expansion, but you will notice a steady improvement in all areas of your life.

I really hope that in reading this, you are starting to realize that the most important relationship is the one with yourself, Higher Self and Source. If you want to fall in love with yourself and your life and this journey we call life, I recommend trying all of the above tips. There are many other tools one can use to achieve alignment more consistently. If you would like to learn more about these simple and very effective tools through one-on-one Coaching with me, please send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

Love and light,


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