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How to Crush Resistance, And Stand Powerfully In Your Well-Being!

It is in the observation of either conflict within the collective - and pushing against it - or experiencing one's own contrast that promotes the need to justify where one is and seek agreement with another to find relief. Relief from what?


What is resistance? Thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, expectations, and habits that are negative in nature. For example, Jane has a contrasting experience, and reacts to the situation by feeling negative emotion. It is in Jane's perception of the situation that Jane has pinched herself off from her own guidance, and the ability to access the answers and solutions she is seeking. In Jane's need to justify why she is where she is, and not not where she wants to be, decides she is going to talk to Tamara to explain and seek harmony or become "vulnerable" to find relief, answers and solutions.


It is in this moment that one of two things will happen. If Tamara harmonizes with Jane and joins her in the acknowledgement of the problem, or "what is" pushes against it, now both are disconnected from the only true "source" of relief there is. Truth is that becoming vulnerable with another for the purpose of agreement does not serve anyone. It only reinforces pain, disempowerment, and disconnection. The ability to find relief, answers and solutions is unavailable to either party in this moment. Why? Both are a vibrational match to the problem, and not the solution. In such a discussion, both feels helpless, and negative emotion dominates. Negative emotion is the indicator that the Source within is not looking at this situation in the same way.

What if Tamara doesn't join Jane in the problem and in the pushing against it? What if Tamara is in alignment with the whole of who she really is, connected to her greatest "resource" and powerfully flowing well-being? What do you believe the outcome will be? As Jane begins to talk about the contrasting moment, Tamara is standing in full alignment with what Source knows about the situation. Tamara who is flowing clarity, now has access to and sees, feels, and knows what Source knows. Not only this, but is receiving guidance and is inspired to speak words of joy and upliftment to Jane, receiving answers and solutions and sharing them with her. Clarity on what is truly wanted is now being realized by Jane. This is the pivotal moment where resistance is released, and expansion is embraced. For Jane to move beyond what has occurred, she must let go of what has happened and align with Source. It is in alignment with Source that a powerful thing happens, and that is, the energy of well-being is summoned and the new, improved life experience can now flow to Jane.


When you focus on anything for a little as 68 seconds it causes momentum of energy which makes it bigger and is then included in your vibration. Focus on a problem for the same amount of time, and the same thing happens, which is why it seems to take longer to resolve. To shift to something new, one is to take focus off of unwanted, and only focus on what is desired and let the unwanted dissipate, and negative momentum will stop. So not talking or thinking about it is huge! You will notice it become less and less in your experience. Focusing on feeling good allows the early signs of improvement to manifest into positive emotion. This becomes more, and more and more. More clarity, more joy, more inspiration, satisfaction, better ideas, finding relief, feeling a greater sense of worthiness. In this instance, both Jane and Tamara feel elevated for having had the uplifting conversation. Another important thing to add here, is that Tamara remained steady in her alignment for much longer than 68 seconds, which means her vibration of well-being dominated the conversation. Jane's focus on the problem could not hold up and so Jane had to join Tamara in her well-being. There is nothing more fulfilling than to have a deeply meaningful conversation that expands both minds while feeling Source within celebrate. This is what chills, goosebumps, or when the hair on your arms stand up, means. To be inspired by another to more and discussing ways of moving in the direction of that more, is extraordinarily satisfying. It is in the "plugging in" to one's highest good that one receives even more good.


When you stand unwaveringly in the well-being of Source, nothing can shake you from it. You feel stable, sure, secure, steady, unshakable, and unphased by anything going on around you. You are unmesswithable, and know with great certainty that well-being abounds. How do you do this? There are two powerful ways.

1. Meditate 20 minutes daily first thing in the morning to release resistance, raise vibration, blend energies with Source, and receive the soothing benefits of wellbeing. 2. Achieve the consistent vibration of appreciation, and you will not only know well-being, but become familiar with your own goodness, love, joy and worthiness. You will feel like the most blessed person on this planet.


It's everyone's greatest intention to flow their own well-being and thrive as they interact with the world and co-create with others. It was never about carrying forth pain, misery, suffering and disempowerment. The only way you can preserve your own well-being and perpetuate it is to first connect with your highest good and then flow it outward to which Law of Attraction with respond. Are there clarifying moments (unwanted experiences) that provide clarity, and therefore, gives birth to new preferences, new desires and aids in your expansion? Yes, this is what creation is. You're summoning new and improved life experiences through you. So, tell a new story of well-being that serves everyone, and refrain from the need to justify or explain why you 're living something unwanted and the pain or struggle your in. Why? The universe responds to your vibration, and whether it is accidentally or on purpose, you are ultimately creating our own reality. So, without being mad at yourself, simply acknowledge and accept where you are, and immediately move your attention to what you truly want and tell this new story until it flows into your experience. Crush resistance, by standing powerfully in your well-being so you can reap the incredible benefits of pure, positive emotions, and a life of greater ease and joy.

Does this blog resonate you? Is there anything you feel inspired to change? If so, please comment below.

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With great love and appreciation,


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