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How to Find the Love Of Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

"All that I seek is already within me." - Louise Hay

Are you seeking a close, connected, loving relationship, however, cannot seem to find one long term that is truly meaningful? One that you feel exists, but isn't reflected in the relationships that show up?

It is human nature to want to connect with another to experience the amazing feeling of being in love, and to be the sole focus of each other's attention. The reality is far from this ideal for many. Why? 1. Individuals are looking outside themselves to feel love and connection and 2. When you look to another for love and affection, and they do not give you what you are looking for you feel disappointed and dismayed. The truth is that there isn't anyone of this planet that can truly fill this for you. This means you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Yes, I said it! I know. I can hear you saying what? What are you talking about? Where else would I get it? Great question. So, I want to ask you this. Where is the one place that you can receive the infinite amount of love you are looking for? The answer is much closer than you think. Believe it or not the answer is...Source and Your Soul or Higher Self. This requires you to look within. To continually reach for and connect with to flow the unconditional love that is YOU in any given moment. Your true intention is to flow it to others for it feels good to love. That's it. When you do align with Source, you will feel an incredible love incapable of words, appreciation that will move you to tears, worthiness resulting in feelings of invincibility, and wholeness that will have you feeling abundantly blessed. It is steady, strong and focused on you, all the time. It feels like a loving parent who is appreciating you, adoring you, cheering you on, and never judging you. This is the true relationship to seek for it is infinite and expanding along side you while you move through life…steadfast and undeniable. Sounds amazing right? It is, and wouldn’t it be amazing to feel this all the time? Here are some ways you can achieve this:

Four Ways to Find the Love You’re Seeking

1. Meditation: This is a great way to quiet the mind, and allow your vibration to raise to connect with Source and your Higher Self to feel love, appreciation and worthiness.

2. Self Talk: Pay attention to the words you use as they either align or pinch you off from Source. Do you see and talk to yourself the same way as Source? i.e. kind, loving, supportive, and compassionate. Once you really establish this relationship, you can receive broader perspective from Source and begin to match your thoughts and beliefs with that of Source, thus transform how you see yourself, your life, and relationship with all things.

3. Listen to your Inner guidance: Listen for and follow through on the inspired guidance that are received in the form of impulses, urges or ideas which lead you to feeling better in every moment. i.e. soak in the tub, drink a glass of wine, go for a swim, soak in the hot tub, or listen to music that raises your vibration.

4. Follow Your Emotional Guidance: How you feel in any given moment, lets you know if you are in alignment with Source and your Higher Self, or not. Feeling love, appreciation, satisfaction and excitement are higher vibrations and in connection with Source. Feeling frustration, anger, jealousy or hate is of lower vibration, which means pinching yourself off from your true resource.

These things may seem too simple to do, but if you do them, I promise you, you will feel amazing. You will fall in-love with yourself, and your life. Life will not only get better and better, but easier and easier.

5. The other important thing here is CONSISTENCY. Its not a matter of doing this for a couple of days and then you stop. This is about being intentional about your relationship with yourself, Soul and Source. Just like your relationship with a love interest, you are putting in the effort to keep this connection strong. When you do this everything in your life improves because you are flowing Source through you which is also well-being! Win-Win.

It is our responsibility to manage our own inner world first and then through our connection, love the other “unconditionally". As Abraham Hicks says, "It’s not the other loving you, its you loving them. Not for their benefit, but your own. You are love at you core and it feels better to love then not."

Some of you may be thinking so how do we have relationships then? You align yourself with Source and your Higher Self first to see feel and know the other through Source's eyes which means you see the very best in them even if they show up less than who you really know them to be, and flow love anyway. Unconditional means to love free of conditions meaning, I will love you even if you don't bring me flowers anymore. I will love you even when your in a bad mood, and being difficult. I will love you when you take your focus off of me to focus on something else like work, friends, children, sports etc. Yes, that's right. I will love you no matter what because that is how Source loves, and I am an extension of Source energy. I will do what it takes to align with Source so both you and I can benefit from my expansion and joy. Please note, when hooked up to the good, only more good can come to you. When in alignment, your are vibrating higher and therefore, things WILL improve. They must. This is how Law of attraction works, which states, that like unto itself is drawn. Your outer world mirrors what is going on in your inner world.

When both individuals are doing this, unlimited love flows freely in both directions from a place of upliftment, and free from need, desperation, longing, judgement and condemnation. When you base your love and happiness on what the other is or isn’t doing, unconditional love no longer exist. It becomes conditional and so does your happiness. Align with your true resource for love and happiness to enhance your relationship with yourself and the other.

So, based on what you have read in this article, what have you learned? What one thing will you change starting today? Please leave a comment below.

If you would like help in developing or enhancing the greatest love of your life, message me and I would be happy to help.

Love and Blessings,


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