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How to Move from Depression to Joy in 8 Simple Steps

Updated: May 16, 2022

"Don't wait for the right opportunity, create it." - George Bernard Shaw

Are you tired of being sick and tired? Feeling called to something greater? Do you feel deep within yourself that there is so much more? Feeling called to a life where you are truly living? Each day filled with greater peace, joy, love and freedom?

I understand, can personally relate, as I too, experienced depression on four separate occasions, previously. I had sought long term solutions from several doctors and therapists to which did not find. I had a strong desire to know the reason behind these reoccurrences. A profound whisper from deep within said, "this was not who you really are. You did not come to struggle and suffer. There is so much more to life than this, and the resistance is going to end. A calling so powerful I could not deny, urged me to go within for answers. I began to ask myself a series questions:

1. Who am I really?

2. What is my true purpose for being in this physical body, at this time?

3. What are my core beliefs, values and intentions?

4. What am I to be doing while here?

5. What am I not doing that I am to start doing?

6. What am I doing that I can stop doing?

It was only then that I embarked on the most incredible spiritual journey that led me to where I am now and am so blessed for it. I have learned more about myself in the last 6 years than the entire time I have been on this planet! If you are reading this, it means you too, are ready for a change. You are asking and are now ready to hear. So proud of you, and congratulate you for deciding to become a conscious creator and mould a life of your own design. One that is life giving, and inspires you in ways that excite and delight you for you have created it! One of great well-being and thriving.

I really want you to know one thing, that it "is" possible to get out of depression and back into joy without the chronic use of medication, or years of therapy. As a result of achieving this in my own life, I have become a huge advocate for inspiring people to go within and make the changes that will have long last effects leading to complete healing. You, my love, have simply forgotten how truly magnificent and powerful you really are by believing bogus ideas about yourself that are not close to being true, thus throwing unnecessary resistance on your path. It is my great pleasure to remind you of what's really true.

You Are a Vibrational Being

You are a Soul in physical having a human experience. One who is loved beyond description and worthy beyond measure. You are an extension of Source or God energy who is with you experiencing life with you. This life force energy that flows to and through you, that moves your body is…Source or God. This energy is also connected to the universe and all that is. We are emanating a vibration all day, every day. This vibration is tied to the thoughts we think, which then invoke a specific emotion. The universe then responds accordingly, and we attract into our experience what is a vibrational match. This includes thoughts, previous memories, feelings as well as new experiences, and people. If we are negatively focused, we vibrate at a lower frequency and attract things, experiences and people who match this frequency.

The Root Cause of Depression.

As we move along our path, we pick up ways of being that do not serve us, disconnects us from who we naturally are which is joyful, loving and harmonious. Some of those things may include:

1. Comparing to others, or unattainable standards

2. Criticizing self and others

3. Keeping Score

4. Worrying about what others/society thinks about you or what you're doing, or not doing

5. Making assumptions about self or others

6. Focusing only on things that have gone wrong rather than what you have accomplished

7. Focusing only on things that are not happening rather than things that are going well in your life

8. Complaining

9. Feeling like you must suffer to be “worthy” of what you want. i.e. house, car, job, or money

10. Arguing for your limitations. i.e. I don’t have the time, money, education or language.

11. Maintaining old beliefs that are no longer in alignment with who you have now become.

12. Overthinking

All of these things hold you apart from who you really are for this is lack consciousness when who you really are is INFINITE, ETERNAL AND LIMITLESS! Shift to an abundance consciousness by releasing these things and begin to embrace who you really are. Begin to focus on the one thing you can count on which is your relationship with your Higher Self and Source. Go inwards and connect…listen…to receive thought from Source. You will soon realize the gap between how you see yourself and how you're truly seen is vastly different. You will also realize that the beliefs you hold do not match. When you begin to adopt the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, expectations and emotions of Source you are in alignment. Your perspective will broaden and thoughts will improve. You will feel vital, alive, blissful, eager and in love with yourself and life. When you follow through on guidance received, what you will discover is YOU, the vibrant, vivacious you, your truth, power, and invincibility. There is nothing more empowering than to know you're asking is being heard and answered through guidance to all enhancements sought. I promise you. You will begin to awaken to your feelings of worthiness more and more. You have simply forgotten your true reason for being, and connecting with your core will help to remember.

Master Your Inner World, Master Your Life!

8 Steps to mastering your inner world:

1. Meditate 15 to 20 minutes daily to quiet the mind, release resistance, raise vibration, and receive thought, visions.

2. Become more present to your inner world. Begin to notice your thoughts beliefs, perceptions, expectations, and emotions.

3. Replace negative thoughts by reaching for positive thoughts that feel better to you.

4. Honor your feelings. It is okay to feel what you feel. This is your powerful guidance letting you know where you stand in relation to Source. Feeling happy, excited, eager and interested you're in alignment. Feeling sad, depressed, anxious or angry, not in alignment. When in alignment you are flowing well-being, and when you're not, your pinching it off. No big deal. Stay off subjects that are upsetting, go more general by saying things like, "all is well with me, or wellbeing abounds." Quiet the mind more to enhance greater feels of peace which means your harmonizing with Source and your Soul.

5. Eat, sleep, and hydrate well.

6. Do loving things for yourself that feel really good to you all day long. Drink your favorite beverage, listen to your favorite songs, talk to your favorite person or animal, or do activities that really satisfy you.

7. Look for things around you to appreciate including yourself, and mean it.

8. Stop looking to others for validation, or confirmation on how to live your life. Give yourself permission, validate yourself and decide for yourself what you truly want, and this is key. Move in the direction of it.

Once you live life on your own terms by following your inner guidance and maintaining a strong connection, your perception begin to shift. You’re not here to prove anything to anyone…just live your best life…now. Its about what makes you truly happy. Not standards set by someone else. Just you, your Soul and Source. So, what do you want to experience? By releasing old ways of being, you allow your vibration to raise naturally putting you in a better place to attract more fun, exciting and extraordinary experiences and more importantly, to know who you really are. You will feel your worthiness, goodness and love. There is nothing more freeing than this.

Once you've connected to the whole of who you are and felt pure joy, bliss and vitality you will never ever go back...I promise you. This is only the beginning...

If you feel inspired to reach out for help, I would love to assist you. Please comment below.

With so much love,


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